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Friday, May 15, 2015

Cherish Goes to BYU Women's Conference - Here is what she wrote about it :

I had the awesome experience this last week to attend BYU Women’s Conference, that is put on by BYU and the General Relief Society board. 
My first feeling was “awe” at the sight of 15,000+ lds women, gathering to be fed by the scriptures, leaders, and the spirit.  I attended with 3 of my sisters, Destiny (9 months pregnant with Maverick), Heidi, 7 months pregnant with the twins, and Amy (who felt like she was pregnant J).  Also, Grandma Newman and Cindy.  It was a dream come true! I have wanted to attend Women’s Conference for many years.  Spring is such a busy time for our family with all the sports that I have never felt able to do it, but it all came together so smoothly, that is usually a sign to me that I am where I am supposed to be.

I want to share my overall take away from Women’s Conference.  What I felt was personally revealed to me for my life and family.

Personal Revelation Women's Conference:

1. I will be less stressed and overwhelmed if I make time to do Family History and Temple Work.
21 day experiment.
A.   This was from a talk given by Sister Wendy Wats Nelson (Wife of Elder Nelson).  This was my favorite talk of the whole time.  She spoke of helping some young married women who were feeling very stressed and overwhelmed in their lives.  The inspiration she received was to encourage them to do Family History and Temple Work.  She felt confused by this inspiration because it seemed counter-intuitive to reducing stress.  Yet she followed the inspiration and so did many of the women.  The results proved to me true! The women reported feelings of peace, reduced stress (like weight being lifted), focus and even medication changes. (I am trying this experiment now.)
B.   Sister Nelson also spoke of asking and receiving help from Angels.  She sited Elder Holland’s talk from Conference 2008 called “Ministry of  Angels”. I felt the feeling and had been taught this concept earlier, that you can ask for specific angels and ask them to do specific tasks.  For example I often pray for “warrior angels” to surround and protect my home and children from the “fiery darts” of the adversary.  Also, if one of my children is having a particularly hard time with a test or friends, I will ask for angels to specifically help with those things.  I will sometimes ask for “therapy” angels to help me work out some of my anxiety or depression.
C.   On an interesting note.  Sister Nelson talked about a meeting she spoke in, in Moscow, Russia.  She said that there were about 100 people present.  She felt to ask about how many tribes of Israel were represented.  11 of the 12 tribes were there, all but the tribe of Levi.  She left from that meeting to meet her husband at the airport, she was greeted there by two missionaries who told her that they had found Levi in a missionary, serving there, from Gilbert, Arizona.

2. Our Covenants are like lifelines that keep us spiritually alive.
A.   Just like life saving ventilators and IV’s keep a critically injured person                alive, so too our covenants and the daily acts of faith we perform keep us spiritually alive.
B.   Keeping Covenants is Powerful for our lives! Peace, Protection, Inspiration.  The theme of the whole Conference was on Covenants. Bonnie Oscarson said, “The Covenants are binding, making God our partner in this life….Covenants are an exchange of love between God and us.” D. Todd Christopherson said, “In times of distress, let your covenants be paramount…and obedience exact.”
C.   Pray for specific help to find the time to study the scriptures and do Family History. This presenter (I need to look up her name) talked about waking up an hour earlier each day to study her scriptures, she prayed at night to help her wake up.  She would wake up before the alarm.  In the scriptures we find the answers to our prayers.
D.   The Temple is a lifeline.  In the temple we find quiet, we are cleaned, it changes us.  Bonnie Parkin said, “The Temple curbs our appetite for worldly things.”  Make my home like a temple. Bonnie Oscarson taught that the temple garment is the part of the temple that we get to take home with us.  In the garment we are “wrapped” in the love of our Heavenly Father.
E.   The Sacrament is the most repeated scripture and covenant we make.  We can receive that covenant up to 48 times a year. (Elder Ballard).  There is power in the words and covenant of the Sacrament. My personal goal is to tap into the sacramental power to “always have His spirit to be with me.”
F.    Personal Revelation.  Elder Ballard taught that Personal Revelation is the single best skill we can achieve.

3. Raising children.  I went to about half of my classes on this.  Below are some highlights.
A.   The best way to teach children spiritual and emotional resilience is to model and practice those behaviors myself.  Have my children see me
B.   pray, serve, climb out of distress, keep my covenants, be a woman of conviction.
C.   LISTEN and ask questions.  Listening and allowing the kids to work out their own solutions will benefit them more than my solutions.  If they so ask for solutions then ask them “leading” questions that lead them to solutions.
D.   Let them have their journey.  Allow them to fail in some things to learn.  Teach them to spiritually problem.
Help them to gain confidence, have healthy connections to our family, become socially competent

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