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Newman Family

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Daniel & Gideon Receive The Priesthood

My heart was so full as Gideon was ordained.  I had spent the week before pondering the significance of Gideon receiving the priesthood.  He is the first in his Father’s line for hundreds of years if ever to receive the Holy Priesthood of God.  In his mother’s line only Sultan, two uncles, who were adopted (Bedane and Merga), and your Grandfather Julu whose work has been done for him, have the Priesthood.  That is so significant!  I could feel the love and joy that was being felt beyond the veil filling my heart!  My sons, you have been privileged with the gospel and the priesthood for a reason and a purpose, many thousands of your ancestors are looking to you for help with their salvation.  You are great boys and I love you very much!

As anytime I am able to use the priesthood and give a blessing I take it seriously.  Last night as I had the privilege of ordaining Daniel to the Aaronic Priesthood was no different…I almost always dress in a white shirt, which is symbolic of the priesthood.  I almost always pray and seek the Lord’s Spirit to be with me to say the things he would have me say.

I try not to think of certain words or phrases that I should say… I just try to prepare myself.  Repent, clear my mind, seek the Lord’s Spirit and Trust in Him.

Sometimes it feels more powerful to me than others, but is always a good experience as I take the time and do it right.  I have a lot to learn and want to continue to refine myself to have greater power in the Priesthood (D&C 121:34-46).

Last night as I laid my hands on Daniels head with both his grandfathers present, the words came clearly.  My mind was filled to bless him as I invoked the authority of the priesthood, in the name of Jesus Christ and conferred upon him the Aaronic priesthood.  My love for him grew… and God truly blessed him with things he needed at this time…

Thank you Daniel for being worthy, ready and excited to join the ranks of honorable men who hold the priesthood of God!

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